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I qualified in Full Body Massage in 2014 and have built a strong reputation for providing a relaxing, enjoyable treatment in full body massage therapy. As a client at Serenity Massage you will be individually assessed and each massage is tailored to what you need and would like, so that you get the best service possible.


The contribution of massage to health and wellbeing are very well recognised, given its capacity to reduce tension, calm anxiety, improve circulation, assist with sleep, improve muscle functionality and improve some skin conditions. Serenity Massage look forward to hearing from you, so please do take a tour around the site today to find out all you need to know and to ensure you have the best experience during your massage.


I am also qualified in Hot and Warm waxing and offer a range of waxing and grooming services.


Martin Eadie

Relax & Unwind

Swedish Massage is the most common and best known type of massage and a perfect choice for those new to relaxation therapies. Choose your preffered time to slip into absolute relaxation and escape the day to day grind.

Hair Removal 

Waxing is the most efficient way of removing body hair and over time will reduce the hair growth all together.


A range of treatment packages are availible and can be tailored to each individual client.





Your Massage 

Hopefully all you need to know about your massage is right here but if you need to know more please contact me via the contact page.

About ME 

Martin Eadie qualified in full body massage in 2014 and spent the past few years immersing himself in the Health & Fitness sector...

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